Some of the most common health conditions that affect premature babies are: Apnea of prematurity, or temporary pauses in breathing during sleep.

Babies may be born preterm because of spontaneous preterm labour or because there. Premature-baby Synonyms.


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Extreme preterm is less than 28 weeks, very. . .


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Better for baby's delicate skin Babies have delicate skin, especially premature babies because their dermis - which is the last layer of skin - is not completely formed.


Kangaroo care is a method of holding a baby that involves skin-to-skin contact. .

. A typical pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.

Preemie and Premature baby are synonymous, and they have mutual synonyms.
premature babies.
Synonyms for PREMATURE: early, untimely, precipitate, precocious, unanticipated, anticipatory, immature, incomplete, previous; Antonyms for PREMATURE: overdue,.

Antonyms for premature.


Your baby may have very mild symptoms of premature birth or more-serious health problems. definitions. .

. Detailed Synonyms for premature baby in English. . n. .

5 synonyms for preterm infant: preemie, premature baby, premature infant, premie, preterm baby.

Some signs of being born too early include: Small size, with a head that's large compared with the body. .

Characteristics of Babies Born Premature.


Synonyms for PREEMIE: newborn, infant, neonate, toddler, kid, baby, child, kiddo; Antonyms of PREEMIE: adult, senior citizen, grown-up, elder, oldster, old-timer, senior,.

When your baby is in the womb, a tube (duct) connects the two blood vessels leaving the heart as the blood does not need to go through the lungs.