Jul 12, 2021 · Whether or not he made the “right” choice is up for debate, as Ellie had become a daughter to him, but in the process of her rescue, he effectively ruined humanity’s chance of overcoming the virus.

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Naughty Dog really, I feel, dropped the ball on this. .

Now before I get into the meat of my answer I am going to preface this answer with the statement that I don’t necessarily agree with the.

When he learns that they would have to kill Ellie.

The Last of Us 2's Ending. . Unlike the Walking Dead which killed off Lee so that Clementine could mature as a character, Ellie was already very capable from the start.

Abby had convinced her father,.

. . I included Abby flashbacks from the past with her father and the backstory from LOU1 of Joel and.

. And she does.


I hate the fact that we just sat there and watched this girl kill joel but now they want us to play as her and protect her.

Those people in the sewers murdered children to stop them being killed by the infected. On the night of April 28, 2034, Joel wakes up in a hospital bed to find Marlene welcoming him to the Fireflies.

Many players are shocked by the actions of Joel a the end of The Last of Us, but the protagonist's brutal killing spree through the Firefly hospital occurs because Sarah dies at the start of the game. Many details about the twists and turns of the game’s story made their way onto the internet, which meant clicking.

Jan 15, 2023 · Sarah Dying Drives The Ending Of The Last Of Us.


Oct 19, 2013 · You're right, they didn't.

४४ ह views, २. The Last Of Us 2 Joel Death Scene (Abby kill Joel)The controversial leaks also reveal that Abby's father was one of the surgeons killed by Joel towards the v. It felt like it was brought up out of nowhere, with no actual purpose or.

. . The trailer begins with Joel narrating in the background, implying his character will be central to the story. He does so using extreme force, killing everyone in. ३ ह likes, ३९२ loves, २.

Jun 22, 2020 · Why did Abby kill Joel? Abby finds Joel almost by accident, running into him while trying to escape a horde of runners in the snow-covered mountains outside of Jackson.

४४ ह views, २. First, she eases her dad's conscience regarding Ellie's euthanasia (making her an accomplice in the attempted murder), then she traumatizes Ellie severly by making her a.




The world of TLOU is not nice, it's not pretty, and it owes you nothing.

Why did Abby kill Joel and why has she been looking for him so long.