Natalie is currently 35 years old and resides in Oakland, California. She began hosting a podcast on My New Philly called Datequette.

Before Fame.


She left during episode 6 because she felt too classy for the show. Nov 5, 2010 · The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office confirms Catya Washington was arrested yesterday for illegally possessing cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy and one firearm. Nov 5, 2010 · Catya, whose Bad Girls nickname was "the Elite Player," voluntarily left the house earlier this season, saying she was too "high class" to degrade herself like her fellow roomies.

Catya Washington’s age is 37.

Watch Bad Girls Club Free Online | 17 Seasons. Jun 30, 2022 · Catya Washington. The show was moved forward.

With her curvaceous body that turns heads and an attitude to match, Catya has a way of getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She was a student athlete who played basketball, playing the sport since she was six years old.

Meet Catya, a Season 5 Bad Girl.

Reality television star best known for appearing on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club in season 5.

Obviously, we're hooked on the Bad Girls Club Miami. .

Cat has opened up about her fling with Young Money star Drake, claiming they were in love. However when he didn’t deliver, Catya called our boy Jeff a broke bitch while he defended himself.

Previously he was brought by another girl Erica, and supposedly promised to buy drinks.
Kristen made an appearance in the season finale.

She began hosting a.

Natalie became the runner-up.

About. . Jeff got spit on in Bad Girls Club.

According to a Tumblr blog dedicated to digging up ‘Bad Girls Club’ secrets, the real reason Catya left was because of an off-camera altercation she had with an. . but she's got a brand new 6pm curfew. While at. .

Let's get this party started! <br>First up, let's review our BGC history.

Meet the Bad Girls of season 1: Kerry, Zara, Jodie, Aimee, Ty, Leslie, and Ripsi. We've been interviewing them left and right, and writing our weekly show.


She began hosting a podcast on My New Philly called Datequette.

Catya honestly disappointed me in this fight her hits barely connected she should've demolished that random, and Wtf Kristen thought she was 😂😂 comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment.

This season aired August 3 – November 23, 2010,.

Bad Girls Club: Season 11.