. ] Check.

Present Perfect Active/Passive.

(to steal) has been stolen.

Practice future simple tense (will) passive voice online for exams, check your answers. Passive Voice with free online passive simple present perfect, passive rules and passive voice examples. the trees / plant.

8 I have drunk two cups of tea.

ACTIVE: People have collected the goods. Present Perfect Active/Passive. Write passive sentences in Present Perfect.

. the door / close.

She has lived in Liverpool all her life.


. Rewrite the sentences using Present Perfect Passive.

4. The passive is often used in situations when the person or thing doing the verb is unknown, unimportant or obvious.

A thief has stolen a lot of money.
(to correct) have been corrected.
She has not used the tablet for days.

the mail / write.

2035 present perfect passive online multiple choices exercises in 101 tests.

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She has lived in Liverpool all her life. . Show. Change them into the passive. (to steal) has been stolen.

Present Simple Reported Statement Exercise.

Passive Voice - Exercises on Form. b) How many paintings did the police found? c) I didn’t paint Las Meninas.


Passive 5 (mixed tenses) Change these active sentences to passive.

Present perfect exercises esl.

Review irregular past participles here.

2 - He has cooked Food --->.