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Mar 6, 2015 · きくお (Kikuo) - 愛して愛して愛して (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me) ft.


Oh! No! No! No! How could I be so blind? You know, That you’re my whole world I couldn’t bare to watch you go Please show some mercy in your distant tone. . Everything's out of control.

I don't wanna hear that "No, it's way too late".

Italian. あなたに あなたに 全部背負ってもらうよ anata ni anata ni zenbu shotte morau yo I’ll have you, I’ll have you shoulder. [Chorus] Love me I say, love me I say, love me I say, more and more and Love me I say, love me away Until I'm not completely sane Torturing me, torturing me Let me be free, break from the curse.

I won’t let go, ahh. .

Race my heart a lot.

So then I hid my need for ‘love’ Lay me right down Let me sleep I’m restless Cover my eyes When I’m up I’ll finally Fade away Here today Give me a reason, Then I’ll stay If I could fly If for only a moment There wouldn’t be, Such a need for casualty I’m alone, and that is how it’ll be-Why does everything I do cause tragedy?.

初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) (Romanized) Lyrics: Haruka tooi tooi mukashi makareta kubiwa / Hito ga hoshii hito ga. And now we're going ROUND ROUND running on end.

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Love me.
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. . Everything's out of control.

Forever, we are one forever. Love me. . Oh Jesus! Don't look at me that way. I am hidden away from selfish eyes.

I couldn’t bare to watch you go.

. Far away distantly, locked in my memories, I came upon a collar.


I want you.

愛して愛して愛して (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me) Lyrics.

Screaming for more, you're not enough, screaming for more.